When you buy luggage from other brands..

...there's a huge carbon footprint hidden behind the package that shows up at your door. Usually the product is made overseas by low-paid workers, using poor quality and harmful materials. Each part of the luggage (and there can be more than a hundred) requires its own supply chain and extraction of natural resources, all of which have their own carbon footprint! Even small things like the coating of metal parts for handles and zippers releases a significant amount of hazardous waste each year.

After they're manufactured, tens of millions of pieces of luggage are shipped via polluting container ships to assembly lines and warehouses around the world. Next they're shipped again (up to three more times) before they reach your front door. Even worse, the vast majority of the time luggage will end up in landfills or incinerators - even if you return it to the manufacturer. This wasteful culture from companies is having an enormous impact on our environment, and we believe there's a better and more responsible way to do business.

Products from other manufacturers:

Are made overseas under poor working conditions

End up in landfills or being incinerated

Are made from cheap, harmful fossil fuel-based plastics

They're heavy, easily broken and don't last very long.

That's why we created ANIMA.
We want to revolutionise what products are made from and how they're made.

We believe in making change through action, so we chose to create our own bio-based material and push our sector of material sciences towards natural, renewable resources.  ANIMA is 100% recyclable and produced using renewable energy. It's lighter and more durable, so it requires three times less natural resources to produce. 65% of ANIMA is made from sustainably-sourced biomaterials.

Even better, making products from ANIMA reduces the carbon footprint of the entire supply chain up to 98%. ANIMA has been in development for years, and is not only lighter than plastic, but it's more durable too. This means our products last longer, which is kinder on your wallet as well as the environment.

Products that use ANIMA:

Are made in Europe in our sustainable factory and a healthy work culture

100% of returns are recycled into new products, keeping nature pristine with circular materials

65% of raw materials come from castor beans - a sustainable and renewable biosource

Are incredibly durable and guranteed to last a lifetime!

We want our children and grandchildren to be able to look forward to the future, and enjoy the same moments and memories we were able to.

The CO2 Challenge

Carbon emission-fueled climate change is the greatest challenge facing the world today. Every industry needs to make changes, including luggage makers. When you buy from most companies, your product is made overseas and then shipped by container boat to various locations for final assembly. After that, it's shipped again to warehouses until you place an order when it's shipped yet again to your door. All of this is done to save money by paying overseas labourers instead of manufacturing locally.

We decided that's a crazy way to do things, so we bought and refurbished an abandoned factory in Italy and decided to make our own products. That way the first time your luggage is ever shipped starts right from our front door, reducing the CO2 emissions of your purchase by up to 75%!

We go even further by defaulting to carbon-neutral shipping options (when available in your country), manufacturing with renewable energy and continually pushing materials science towards carbon reduction.

It's the right thing to do.

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