Suitcase Superleggera in Museum in Vienna

Superleggera: Museum Debut Before Launch

The "Superleggera" by the Italian company Bazza will be the lightest suitcase in the world. As part of Vienna Design Week, the prototype will float on a balloon attached to the ceiling in the Museumsquartier

Even before its market launch, the world's lightest luggage with its exceptional design is on display in a museum. The "Superleggera" by the Italian-Austrian company Bazza is being showcased at the "Design Intelligence Award" exhibition in the Museumsquartier in Vienna. "I am honored that the jury and Design Austria have chosen our suitcase prototype even though the product has not yet been launched," says CEO and Chief Designer Michael Kogelnik.

Superleggera from Bazza floating in the Museum

Bazza's Superleggera weighs approximately 1.4 kilograms, which is less than half the weight of comparable carry-on luggage on the market. Travelers can pack fifty percent more luggage into the Superleggera compared to conventional suitcases. The jury of the "Design Intelligence Award" (DIA) is impressed by the Superleggera and has placed it on the shortlist. This puts Bazza in the running for the Gold Prize, which is endowed with 130,000 euros and will be awarded in November. Design Austria, a partner of DIA, is showcasing a selection of the most exciting products as part of Vienna Design Week.

„You can jump on it without breaking the suitcase“

Kogelnik is proud of the milestone achieved by his start-up, founded in 2021. "We are exhibiting our suitcase in a museum before we have even sold the first one," he says. "We have developed a unique material and an unparalleled manufacturing method." Bazza has rethought and tested every screw, latch, and wheel to be lightweight yet durable. "It was a challenge to tinker with all the details until we reached the minimum weight." The result: "My one-year-old daughter can easily lift the suitcase, and a 90-kilogram man can jump on it without it breaking." To demonstrate how light Bazza's Superleggera is, the prototype will float from a balloon attached to the ceiling in the museum.

Bazza‘s suitcase is fully recyclable 

The Superleggera is fully recyclable. "We achieve this through our design as well. Because we use only a single material, the product can be ground up and reshaped again and again - in an eternal cycle," explains Kogelnik. The material is made from a naturally renewable resource derived from beans. The CO2 emissions of the suitcase are more than 90 percent lower than those of competing products. The Superleggera, like all future Bazza products and Bazza‘s wallet „Armonica“, is manufactured in Italy.

Designer and Bazza founder Kogelnik has received multiple awards, including the German Design Award in Gold, the Red Dot Design Award, and the iF Design Award. His latest venture, Bazza, aims to combine a love for Italian design, a sustainable future, and the joy of life. "When I was spinning my daughter on a beach in Sicily at sunset a few years ago, I realized: Life is about these moments of carefreeness. That's what Bazza represents."


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