How it all began

"A few years ago, as i spun my daughter around on Sicilian beach at sunset, I realized that life is all about this little moments of lightness. This is the essence of Bazza."

Michael, Founder of Bazza

Why we do what we do

Most people work breathlessly all their life just to buy stuff to impress others. Too many brands have told you that these crappy products are what you need to be happy. I too once thought that way. In reality, all this stuff just destroys the environment and makes you lose focus on what really matters. But one day in Italy, as I was swirling around my daughter at the beach, I was reminded of what really makes me happy: the small little moments of true lightness and abundance.

I understood that living moments of happiness is really easy, but people look in the wrong direction. So I decided to create Bazza. Our purpose is to remind you not to let everyday moments of happiness slip away. The embrace of a loved one, the smile of your child, or grandma Maria’s lasagne. Why wait for tomorrow? - Michael, Founder of Bazza

What does „Bazza“ mean?

[bàz-za] estens

1 A situation of lightness and abundance - SIN bliss, free of worries: che bazza!

2 A place of beauty and warmth, full of the most delicious and wonderful things.

In Bolognese dialect BAZZA means "lightness, abundance - a moment without worries".

Why wait for tomorrow to