Our products grow on trees. More or less.

100% Recyclable

Made from Beans

Made in Italy

-94% CO2

How BLISS is made

Bazza products are not made from plastic. They are made from a new bio-based material that we call BLISS: The Bio-based, lightweight, superstrong and simply sensational revolution. BLISS was developed together with Arkema, a french multinational with decades of innovation in materials.

From Beans to Oil

Essentially, BLISS grows on trees. A bean is planted, that grows into a tree, and gives many more beans. These trees grow in arid regions, so the plantation of BLISS does not compete with food production. These beans are harvested, pressed and the oil extracted.

From Oil to BLISS

Finally, our clever friends at Arkema transform this oil into smal pellets that we call BLISS. In our Italian factory, we use them to create our products.
The production process is completely waste-free, because we can and do recycle any scraps. BLISS can be recycled again and again and again.

All the details

Is this just greenwashing?

In short, no. We took enormous efforts and expenses during design and development to make sure we get the best possible result for the planet, and for you:

  • All of our products are made of just two materials: BLISS and sometimes elements from aluminum. Both materials are 100% recyclable, again and again.
  • We designed all products to be easily assembled and disassembled for recycling: there is no glue, no stitching.
  • Having less weight, thus using less material, thus using less energy to create and shape the materials, is always better for the environment. Lightness wins!
  • Your Bazza products will last longer, thanks to the higher durability of BLISS.
  • BLISS uses significantly less CO2 during production than leather or plastic.