"Avrò provato 8 portafogli diversi. Bazza li batte tutti, e costa poco!"

Manuel, Germania

"Avrò provato 8 portafogli diversi. Bazza li batte tutti, e costa poco!"

Manuel, Germania

"SpediIzione rapida. Indistruttibile, bello e pratico."

Lorenzo, Italia

"È indistruttibile. Una figata e una gran scoperta."

Marco, Italia

"Finalmente trovo subito quel che cerco. Leggero e efficace."

Stefano, Italia

"This is a beautifully designed and made wallet. A super buy!"

George, USA

Designed and Made in Italy

Your 5 advantages


Immediate access

  • You can fit cash, bills, up to 12 cards, anything you want.
  • Armonica fans your cards and cash out. Everything is immediately visible and ready to grab. No fumbling around, no searching, no hassle.
  • Cards do not rub against each other and do not block each other. 
  • Closed, your belongings are safely protected and 100% secured

Immediate access to 12 cards + cash. Everything is directly visible and easy to take.


Super lightweight

  • Armonica is incredibly lightweight. Just 20 grams to be exact. 
  • It is lighter than any other wallet you ever had.
  • Armonica is so light, it flies accross the Alps with a normal balloon.

Armonica is lighter than any wallet you ever had - so light it flies across the alps with a normal balloon.


Never loose it

  • Thanks to AirTag, you will always find your wallet, no matter where it is.
  • Track the location of your Bazza wallet on a map, no matter how far away you are
  • AirTag makes a sound, helping you locate your wallet even when it is hidden.

Never loose your wallet again. You can track it on a map, and AirTag will guide you to it.


Made from beans

  • For the production of Armonica in our factory in Italy, we don't use plastic; instead, we use a BIO-based material made from beans.
  • Oil is extracted from these beans, which is then transformed into small beads through a chemical process.
  • We call this raw material 'BLISS' - Bio-based, Lightweight, Indestructible, Simply Sensational.

Armonica is not made from plastic, but from a beans-based material. 100% recyclable and 100% Made in Italy.


Super durable

  • While it seems light and delicate, Armonica never breaks.
  • We sold thousands and so far did not have a single broken product. That is why we are happy to give 5 years of warranty.
  • Armonica does not have any seams that can open, there is no glue used that breaks, and it is made of just 2 parts mechanically connected.
  • The material is colored throughout with UV protection, so the color cannot be scratched off and looks good even after years of use.

Armonica will never break. We sold thousands and have not had a single defect.

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